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lirik lagu 10.13 – dead earth politics


i have fought your wars. i have killed for your faith.
those driven before me i have put to the stake.
we have brought your word with axe and with blade.
infidels shall crawl. we shall bathe in their blood.

butchering my enemy with love and christianity
we poor knights of divinity we pledge our lives to your crusade!

rivers of blood let flow in your name
onward, crushing
naught do we play this s-d-stic game
onward, crushing

now you’ve sent me to burn – to quench your greed and hate.
and so i stand before h-ll’s gate for your cross and eucharist
we scream our bitter creed!

i defy you – blasphemy
i deny you – heretic
your words, lies – confess now
you i despise – you will burn

i believe (and so i am strung upon…) in thy name (…that same piece of wood your savior lay…)
with these words (…resting in this side…) writhe in pain (…is that lance you can’t deny…)
i believe (such a double edged blade…) in thy name (…wielded by your christianity…)
with these words (…for dried upon each edge…) writhe in pain (…is the blood of your own martyr…)

d-mn them, father. for they know too well what they’ve done…