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lirik lagu truthful profession – deals death


it’s not my fault there is no one to blame
i’m driven by my own hunger
a perfect world where there is no turning back
and nothing to reach for when all turns black

mourning and suffering are well known feelings
there’s a history with me in denial
a work in progress yeah a f-cking cliché
leave not for tomorrow what you do today

let go your mind is free
yet this is hunting me

take this life, throw it away, this night is here to stay
do as you please while i’m still on my knees, i try to
recall but it’s all forgotten
take this life, throw it away, it’s as clear as the
brightest day
a rescue mission on the edge of destruction, a smiling
face in the arms of seduction

as i still linger on to find the source of solution
i’m struck by a sort of confusion
another mind who will answer my questions
another life with a truthful profession


take this life, throw it away…