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lirik lagu wished – dear sam


1st verse:
do you feel the way i feel
you were there for me when i lose hope
i wish the time that p-ss each day
will flow slowly with you here in my heart

chorus 1:
your the star. i wished
that i can give my whole life with
i love you, it’s endless
and will never be erased
in my heart

2nd verse:
baby hold me i kiss you gently
the sound of kiss we made
can make us fall
i was amazed, i did’nt notice
how this love can grow and make it last

chorus 2:
all i know is you
my love will last, time won’t p-ss
i miss you, so crazy
i’m inlove with you perfectly

each day i saw my open arms
my arms desires, i need to hug you tight
and now you have me
and i have you
no need to worry about
and now you save me
you light my life in darkest night

(repeat chorus1 2x)