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lirik lagu horrible eyes – death ss


children, babies and boys
that live in this century
want to destroy
all that is possible
with their evil minds
with their sharpest knives
and horrible eyes.

nazi babies with cadaver eyes
emerge from the ocean
to bring destruction
life crazy monsters
with countless tentacles
advance in the darkness
on a hopeless night.

they leave the message of their evolution
the scheme of a life
based on our death
they have no feelings
and no human genes
they’re only machines
come forth from our dread.

humanity needs new generations
so don’t be surprised by their horrible eyes!

“…and then came the beast that rose from the
abyss, like a big dragon with the colour of fire
with seven heads and ten h-rns, with seven diadems
over the heads. his tail fascinates the third part
of the stars, and makes them fall down to mother
earth. the big dragon gave birth to his sons,
destined to rule all the nations, with horrible
eyes and a bar of iron, to sn-tch from god his throne!”