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lirik lagu spiritual relief – deathronation


enlightenment, a world view based on rationality rather than on faith, superstition or revelation
the liberation from dogmata is the requirement of a free development
but liars are always in wait for their return

tied and dead all common sense
shadows from profaned light
they should be a key to an unpure chest
where locked inside varity was laid to rest

s*xual “perverted” thoughts no longer controlled
by religious swords no еxegesis of souls
turn again to what we’vе been
beasts, beasts of liberation

sin will last lin blasphemy, deny the sense of the ancient words
in the name of heresy i name the tragic flaw
upon the altar of derity sacrifice the cleric law

catholic paternalism
orthodox belief
in the mirror of history
i see them burn, and then return

heresy enlightens black hearts
and tears down religious walls
enlightenment, their purgatory
use of mind, the end of religious glory
as our darkness devours their light
with the roaring sound of crying angels burning
we reach our aim, to escape the spiritual cage

the truth, the truth is our l*st
the flesh, the flesh our fate

satori from beyond cleric perception
profanes their being and reveals their flesh
incompetence and ruined lives, the cleric heritage
a map of scars, their inheritance