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lirik lagu in the palm of october – ​death’s dynamic shroud


[intro: james webster]
dear diary
this diary is a record of my life

[verse 1: tech honors]
across the palm of an october
a hurricane behind the wheel
i drove a nail into a coffin
you wouldn’t let me shut the seal

[verse 2: tech honors]
a miracle or just a sunrise?
how is the glass always half full?
i’ll take the code and recompile
trying to learn to bend the rules

[bridge: tech honors]
but all the birds have left the station
and all the leaves begin to turn
we cried shoulder touching shoulder
in the palm of october
in the palm of october

[verse 3: tech honors]
i treat my wounds with tea and honey
you sing the songs to help me mend
if we could sleep we’d be the beatles
i guess it’s better than being dead
in the palm of october

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