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lirik lagu instinct for malevolence – debodified


beaten to your knees
what if i was to… in your body
break every element broken down in a beaten path
what if i was to… throw in the flames?
salvage your corpse, incinerated with hate
what if i was to… extinction now sought?
demolish your kind never again in history
we break past past the walls besiege our fallen foes
we raise our pride to display your allegiance
now the time has arrived with strike with angst and aggression
now our thoughts of anger turn battle into an obsession
with each person we show no consent or remorse
adrenaline makes each of our actions take the course
each sign of the dying presents our reward, our expressions
delighted with a sh*t catch grin
we’ve traveled amongst these sands
torched hundreds of lands, our inspiration
to see you suffer in toil
we shall persevere
can you feel the chill of my knife embracing your back
can you feel the warmth of the napalm
ripping through your skin like some impetous disease
thousands of your kind shall the snorkel the water of your seas
now it’s done… our prophecy
no mercy on our part you are brought right to your f*cking knees
embrace this day… is has come
all you dirty f*cks shall be brought together as one
wrought in the fire of our fury
within my sh*ll i feel compelled to break
my crushing force will make all at steak
i will not renounce my integrity
this m*s*ch*stic view through my eyes i see
a force so vulgar the power it will bring
makes me stronger, through my will it stings
each enemy shall perish by my fist
each stab, thrust and throw i can’t resist
we have reached this end of today
my foes fell before my liefe
camo staind with rancid blood
gun unleashed shards of steel
boots are drenched with laden mud
this instinct
troops search for survivors
this instinct
i seek the rest of my rivals
this instinct
we victor once more again
this instinct in me

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