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piece by piece, frame by frame - deer tick lyrics


“piece by piece, frame by frame”

seems like i relied too hard on a dream
now tell me girl where have you really been
cause i’ve only got this life right here
wasted all and contain all the fear
but i caught your eye on a friday night
i removed myself and got caught up in loose nights
so ask me again yes lets meet again
you know i’ve built a kingdom on second chances, yes i did.
well i’ve been there now once or twice
now tell me girl did you think that was very nice
and i would say it was just one moment
but it was gone just as fast as it came
so i drowned myself in a tall gl-ss of whatever
does it matter to you?
and the tears would come with the cold cold rain
and i know for sure that i succ-mb to the pain
and i’d love to tear apart your name
piece by piece frame by frame
well id love to tear apart your name
id love to tear apart your days
piece by piece, and frame by frame, and piece by piece, frame by frame

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