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lirik lagu balance & symmetry – deeriginal


fresh air music
kam legend is a wavey guy you know

deerig ima, deerig ima, deerig ima
deerig ima british citizen king man i ain’t no prince like william
family from the caribbean and family yoruba nigerian
deerig ima london resident and i am a sw1 veteran
manna unlock this this element, manna live long like elephant
10 minutes away from elephant
5 minutes away from kennington
1 minute away from greatness
1 minute away it’s imminent
i look inside and elevate
high man get high and levitate
life comes with obstacles in many ways
bewm havе to push through and penetrate
bewm hit thе target elminate
bewm hit the target exterminate
bewm hit the target annihilate
bewm hit the b*st*rd that violates
there’s a darkness we celebrate
there’s a brightness and better days
need the balance and symmetry
need the balance and symmetry
i wanna catch a vibe take holiday
if you wanna catch a vibe then holla me
if you’re gonna dead the vibe don’t bother me
if you’re gonna do things do things properly
gonna build in life like property
gonna win in life like lottery
gonna win in life not probably not probably definitely gonna be
not probably definitely gonna be nah not gonna be already am
they say i’m gonna make it.. i say i already have
because i do what i love and i love what i do do you understand
because i got my family, my family my friends and fans bewm
fresh air music

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