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lirik lagu mockingbird (dejay garcia remix) – dejay garcia


see all my friends are getting shot up or either getting stabbed
and im just sitting wondering if its going to be me next
that ends up with a face full of concrete
with oh so many pot holes from shots thrown in my f-cking back
keep yo head down, lay low, thats what i was told, even doing so most motherf-ckers dont want you to grow
this the type of sh-t that makes me want to end it all here
go back to pills and drink heavily like marilyn monroe did
im sick and tired of the bull sh-t, im starting to lose it, somebody hand me a tool kit, so i could just cool it
i should be the one thats out there shining
ima diamond, in the ruff that these labels should be signing
i got the whole package, in battles i strike like lightning
i do my own songwriting so why won’t some body sign me
im trying to use my hustle to muscle my struggle, that im knuckled up with in a scuffle, stumbling ready to tumble and fumbles a struggle im in need to persevere
so i could lose some of my troubles, move to the light at the end of the tunnel, and bury all this f-cking bullsh-t with a shovel
finally move on from it and look back on it no further
to my father, this mark you’ve given me’s a curse
i dont know whats worse this mark or features i got since my birth
all i know is that together its like being in a car crash
where ten thousand needles k!ll you from the air bag

deep down inside im so p-ssed off i just wanna break down
so many mixed emotions goin on within me all i freaken know is that im done
lately everything up untill this point ive been doing seemed, right but it was wrong
so what the f-ck have i been doing most of my life i dont even f-cking know but im done iight