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lirik lagu dana’s hickeys – delia erin


well, i gotta friend named dana
he came to school one day
he looked like he had gotten eaten by a vampire
i asked him had happened
but he just smirked and rolled his eyes
he said it was some girl i don’t know
christine or something
oh christine!!
why you gotta do that to my friend?
his neck was full of em
ohh dana!! how could you let that happen to you?
well, whatever you say….
the next week he comes to school
this time with twice as many as he had before
i knew not to ask
this time i smirked and rolled my eyes
“it was christine right?” i said
he dind’t answer he just smirked and roilled his eyes
i wondered what his parents thoguth
my english teacher neyland asked him if he was
dating a vampire
i laughed,
and he said “sorta”
and asked if i had the math homework
chorus (repeat until fade)