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lirik lagu regular joe – demmene syronn


[verse 1]
i think too much about the pace of my progressions
and hope i never have to face a state of deep depression
i beat addiction for the length of this moment
cause i never underestimate the strength of my opponent
first thing i had to do to let go of something was own it
the juice that i was sipping was home*brewed and potent
my insecurities are wading in the shallows
waiting for all my weaknesses to come out of the shadows
i stay focused so it’s family first
blue collar is the movement and the music is work
to say i’ve squandered opportunities would be an understatement
i’ve pondered, my largest mistake was my complacence
don’t get it twisted, i was picky with specific stuff
but most of it is really incidental when i dig it up
the good memories mixed in with the bad decisions
all my successful friends, the fact is they bragging different

i’m n0body special, i’m just a regular joe
sitting in this 5 o’clock traffic waiting for the time for me
to crack a brew and let the medicine smoke
we got, much more in common than we’ve ever been told
that’s why i take my time with the people traveling beside of me
on this treacherous road
[verse 2]
most of my exes are them get six*figure chicks
couple of em even running million*dollar businesses
i’ll admit i probably cheated on all of them
cause infidelity for me was never a problem
i know it sounds a little bit pompous
but you can’t change the past and i’m just trying to be honest
plus i’m dipping underwater to the sub of my conscious
to exorcise the demons that were bugging my chakras
and get the skeletons up and out of my closet
i used to do withdrawals, now i’m trying to deposit
the truth is often stranger than a science fiction novel
spin it how you wish to but i had to fix the wobble
now i’m proud to be a family man
my favorite part of everyday is dinnertime with the fam
you ain’t hear me, i said i love being a family man
my favorite part of everyday is dinnertime with the fam