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lirik lagu gettin’ bullied – demonic tombstones


i’m so paranoid
to go to school
there is a fool
who thinks he’s cool
who likes to bully me around
he takes my lunch money
i will tell you one thing mr. principle

you are succesful
but you are blind to see
the damage in the schools around
kids are losin
their lives
to gangs and fights

every day thousands of life
go to waste

the violence is growin every where
there’s nothin to do
even teachers gettin punched
trying to end a fight

and screamin
without a doubt

they push kids smaller than them around
and around

gettin bullied by a bull
or a kid whos full
of himself
it’s a chain and
it never ends

oh no it never

suicide by kids who aren’t even
a pre-teen yet
they thought they would rather
be dead!

kids commitin suicide
all the time
of bullies

and people full of themselves
and mr. principle
please do somethin about it

peer pressure
takin drugs
underage s-x
boys lookin at jugs

not so good after all
oh no!

gettin bullied
gettin bullied
gettin bullied

not so good!
oh no!

mr. principle do something
these kids
get in gang wars
or fights
and they will lose lives
stop the violence

all around the world!

n-body wins when lives
are bein lost
n-body wins!


gettin bullied
gettin harr-ssed
gettin pushed
kicked in the -ss

so beloved
if you care
at all

stop the violence
or you will never see your
child’s face again!

gettin bullied!

such a dangerous thing
trust me!

i was one of them i suffered and
digged for my dignity!
stand up and don’t take it anymore just

gettin bullied
gettin harr-ssed
gettin pushed
what a pain in the -ss!