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lirik lagu i remember you – denine


i remember
i remember you
repeat (1x)

song remains the same
melody unchanged
and i still can feel the touch of your hand
while i’m missing you
whose been kissing you
how could it end this way
there’s so much more to say
as love grows stronger, stronger, stronger
can’t wait any longer, longer, longer
i want you to hear me say

i remember the games we played, i remember
i remember all the love we made
memories of me and you
and i remember you
i remember the times we cried, i remember
i remember the day i thought our love had died
memories come crashing through
and i remember you

while the music plays
your picture haunts my days
and the loneliness is my empty nights
while i’m missing you
who’s been kissing you
there’s an empty chair at my table
there’s an empty sp-ce in my heart
an empty sp-ce with the memories
come here girl let me hear you say

chorus 2x