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fly away - densixn lyrics



evil in bins you tear up like some tissue
can’t face the problem gotta relist to
you always running cause you p*ssed fool
no phone still called em victimized fate an issue
i may have hit rock bottom but i still find a solution to admit to
you’re depressed because the music makes you feel alone
you’re stressed cause you don’t have a list of things to keep up at your dome
you think you can’t take care of yourself but you don’t know
you can you just won’t stop getting stoned
i know what your life is missing
people give you advice but you never listen
you don’t think twice and you wonder why the world is p*ssing
i’m not dumb like mice you keep convincing

after hours
baby showers
run away or you get hit
only manic beyond words
you going to find me in your zip
in your files in your house
from the pc to cabinet
try addressing what you need
favorite time couldn’t pick
run away you can’t save me
fire away going 80
words listen to savory
ideology rabies
which way it’s a maybe
run away from the pay keep
no debate it’s a fairy
universal turn baby
iodize return the prize to catch the wind of a pacifist
quality get sodomized when the summit is just an ass to get
should of would of could of put a obituary in the middle of the list
weather heroine or mastermind the next brave enough to sit
know that i could have just went to the back of the meeting where we all agree
everyone looking at statues and virtues but no one care enough to be looking at me
where is the stats for the leaderboard victimized problems and master open degrees
paradox capsule with the overboard throne i know so many people that couldn’t even be

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