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lirik lagu the black sheep – deserters


i carried on, but the 9 to 5 just didn’t seem right. i
don’t belong, this
is the black sheep’s code. so, go ahead and sell me the
road. i’m taking
off. i get high and lower my expectations, because i’m
losing all and i
have no clear destination. but, death is certain… if i
stay or if i go.
what fools will follow from the cliffs to the undertow?
all along, you
knew that i would never make it. my higher power has six
chambers and a
hammer, and my darkest hour was on the day that i was
born. grow up. break
down. give in. sell out. mother, are you proud of me now?
it took so many
years to realize that nothing f-cking matters. if you
looked into these
eyes, all you’d see is scorn. i grew up and my faith just
slowly faded. i
broke down and i spit at my creator. i gave in and
indulged in a life of

i sold out, because i knew i couldn’t f-cking win.