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lirik lagu a adepojucoleman and colemanadepoju forever a – dessola


zendaya and adesola
zendaya and adesola zen won an emmy
zendaya and adesola zen has bulgari
zendaya and adesola is dessola
you see our new car
range rover range rover
we got a grammy
coming for that oscar
new house in san fran
and you should really watch your mouth
too many vogue covers they all sell out
dune coming out sooner
euphoria cheques forever
we are forever alive
a24 live
we are forever rich
too many followers you should see the reach
got idole on me always
zendaya and adesola are together always
versace called us said we part of the team
screen screen
zendaya and adesola is the most beautiful god in the world
talk to darnell appling to have us called
zendaya and adesola have been married from birth
there aint ever gonna be no death
5d 5d 5d
luxury law “roach” is legendary
zendaya and adesola is so f*cking thicccccccccc
so expensive to watch her speak
crack crack crack crack
rock rock rock rock
we are so f*cking expensive
all you n*ggas is pensive
you should relax a little
had to blow off steam a little no kettle