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lirik lagu 02. don’t stare at the edge – destrage


maybe i’m trying too hard
trying way too hard
to keep this much together
when the pile falls apart into pieces
i have no hands to grab them

let them go
you gotta leave them all

man you’re scared to death
traveling too fast
but you should be more afraid
to feel safe
don’t stare at the edge
and take a good look down
you and fear and in hand
just leap together

this much barely fills the hole
less ain’t more
less is less
less is a draw
is a tick on the field “group discount”
on the invoice of a wh-r-

yes less is a bore
but hey, what’s gone is gone
not a burden any more

i’m afraid to have no fear
and feel like nothing will ever tear my tear
i’m afraid to panic in vain
and feel like nothing will never ever change