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lirik lagu warm up sessions [s7.ep49]: sbtv – devilman


it’s the d-e-velopment yeah. sbtv, grime spray out
and we’re not messing around
i spit lyrics like bullets from an ak round. yeah!
i’m bigging up the it’s official clothing, yeah
bigging up the sika records
you know what time it is
and this one reminds me of a homeless person in a 50 grand chain

[verse 1]
yo, i am the evelist, devilest, rebelist, evilist
like a murder charge i’m intensive
chasing mans over fences
letting off shots, dropping on the floor like 1 pences
suffer your own consequences
leave dead bodies in trenches
take you on an adventure
leave a man with dementia
better mind out when i enter
i leave the place all bl–dy and red like placenta
i’m a true representer
i do most of my dirty work in the winter
put my rusty knife deep into your flesh like splinter
blacked out like ninja
could have been brunette
could have been blonde or ginger
or an alcohol binger
i’m the kind of person that would come into the rave and turn the place into a crime scene
i put a lot of work into the grime scene
when i clashed skepta on lord of the mics
that made grime what it is now
jammer wouldn’t know about birmingham artists
if he didn’t go to hackney and pick up the mic and say “you’re not, you’re not ready!”
i don’t give a fuck i’m repeating it
pussyhole, you must be eating it
there weren’t no twitter back then, but you said that already blud, why you retweeting it?
i’m not hearing it
i ain’t lethal b, i’m not leaving it
i might link up mik and go straight to the top ’cause it’s just about that time
i’m unbeatable
the lyrical patient that’s untreatable
i’m doing this thing big fam, regional
they thought they could end my career by sending
that was inconceivable
unbelievably unbelievable
i’m always in full effect every year like a football ticket i’m seasonal
the thoughts in my head are dangerous
i’m like crystal meth or angel dust
get too close then the 12 gauge i’ll buss
like combustion i’m spontaneous
take any mc off the radius
you won’t believe it like an atheist
when it comes to flows i got the craziest
that’s anybody, everybody says it is
got loads of bars, i’ve got loads of flows
i go studios and do loads of shows
i’ve fucked loads of hoes and keep on my toes
i’ve always got cocaine on my nose
i’ve got loads of friends, i’ve got loads of foes
i’ve been through the highs and got through the lows
i’ve got loads of trainers and loads of clothes (wunsen)
my bars are impolite and sour
i’ve got the intel quad-core power
if you wanna try and clash me
like an iphone battery you’ll die in less than an hour (wunsen)
when i spit bars i make you feel good like sex in the shower
anytime i dump on the beat i devour
my bars have got sniper rifle power
take mans out from the eiffel tower
give you a buzz like having sex doing 140 miles per hour
i spit naughty rhymes on sour
like people snorting lines of flour
i’ve got lyrics for days
i write at 140 lines per hour (bang)