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lirik lagu the big picture – devo


going ’round the world
don’t know where we’re going
we don’t even care
but you just can’t be from someplace else

unless you go somewhere
and we’re in the same boat
so as long as it floats

we might as well stop ‘n’ stare
at the big picture, the big picture
get the big picture

we’re almost there
we’re gonna keep on going
’til that new age dawns
always keeping an eye on the stars in the sky

in case one starts to fall
and we’re in the same boat
as the ones who can’t float
so they might freak out and sink us all

and miss the big picture
(going ’round the world)
the big picture
(got to get it now)
like a fish in the water

you don’t know where you’ve been
’til you jump out and take a look around
at the big picture