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lirik lagu ​​dead in the rain – dexndre


i’m living inside of a grave
let me explain why i am here to regain
it’s k!lling me, going insane
i can’t seem to stay away from the whispers in my brain
it’s k!lling me, going insane
no mary jane can save me from all of this pain
let me restrain, let me retain
all of the silence and make this okay
it’s taking me further, leading to murder
i’m gonna burn ya, i’m not an earner
i’m an observer, i watched how you hurt her
i’m gonna curse ya, i am a learner
i’m a converter, watch how i murder
watch how i curse ya, become my preserver
let me explain, let me convey
i promise to stay but i can’t not wait
i have so much hate, my mind is insane
i promise to wait, my time is today
i can’t disobey, i’m numbing the pain
i’m numbing my brain, i’m dead in the rain