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run down - dexstarity lyrics


[verse 1: hollywood marlayee]
pat me down, i can’t come around them boys’ my mom too famous. she said a prey
you and your little brother pop outside ,it’s too dangerous
free the goat
bro couldn’t let up off that switch. his finger hurt
i done seen the same n*ggas say they love you, put your name in dirt. i’m in the bay
i be kicked up with my feet, n*gga i be chilling
i don’t know about no bodies. we don’t speak about no k!llers
say who ain’t drilling?
these construction hammers come from out the dirt
you don’t see us, n*ggas can’t id us
‘cause we send workers to do the work

[verse 2: dexstarity]
yeah, yeah, yeah
i ain’t wasting time talking, imma up and dump it
these young n*gga’s crazy crashing, i can’t go for nothing
my daddy taught me, how to send a n*gga to his mother
crying in a box, and missing person posts it’s nothing
put n*gga on more shirts, than bari, virgil, or family functions
cash off a glitch. cash off a b*tch
off drink and jiggas. pipped up i’m him
who’s really f*cking with him?
no, i ain’t saying sh*t, if it’s up im spinning
i ain’t feel a real threat in a minute
n*gga’s taking credit
chain sn*tching, ain’t sell but wear it
i can smell a b*tch, n*gga
clout chasing welling b*tching
i’m don’t beef, i make money
if a bag drop. i’m winning
i don’t talk much
text me so you can read my feeling
tried to line it up, got smoked
before they even got up in it
i’m the man of the year
you’re the man for a minute

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