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lirik lagu thought of radical misanthropy – diabolos rising


inspired through creative alienation

“humans have no pride, only price”

“there is only one way to save this world. by reducing it’s human
population to half”

“there is no middle state. just predators and preys. and we love hunting”

“evil is a suitable name for society to characterize the really clever
and powerful individuals”

“do not exterminate the mob yet! use them first”

“in darkness the fake beauty of colours is banished. only plain truth and
reality remains”

“war is a natural process. it controls the population. can you imagine
a world with 20 times more humans? i do no dare to!”

“it’s time to use our gods names again. for the glory of satan! for the
glory of us! up yours!!”

“why do angels look so feminine? becose they need a f-ck! let’s give it
to them”

“there is no good and evil. just stupidity and intelligence”

“if blood is the essence of phisical life, then the soul is the essence
of immortal life”

“warning: enjoing is bad for your health. department of xtian
righteousness. ministry of virtue.”

at your funeral
“at your funeral, i was there.
your relatives crying full of sorrow,
but i couldn’t help smiling.
afterwards at home, i m-st-rb-t-d.”

“only in chaos man reveals his true self”

“send down! so i can beat you, kick you, use you and abuse and make your
preety life worth it’s while”

“if you’ll fight me, victory will be mine. that’s not a warmin’ not a
threat! it’s a fact!”

“why does man still bother to help others while he (she) has forgotten
to help himself?”

“you ask me: where lies truth? i say : if you can’t figure that out for
yourself, you’ll never even get near it”
“life is good. man is good. humanity is good. just look around you and
ask yourself why satanis called the deciever when christ is nothing but
a stinking lie”

“in order to survive we must reduce the population to minimum… you’re
next, f-ckhead.”

“so come with your swords and axes… for i am a man of future… and i
carry a machine gun… and i will blow your head off!”

“the hunter must hunt. the moment he stops, he becomes the hunted”
– a.s.lavey from “the devil’s notebook”

“the most efficient street cleaner in an egelitarian society is a riot
– a.s.lavey from “the devil’s notebook”

“right like water, seek it’s own level. man’s c-rs-nt is not necessary
to the operations of satanic forces. it is not required. it is not even
– a.s.lavey from “the devil’s notebook”

“not can be accepted on more authority”
– william kingsland

“all that human kind thinks is great and mighty is, but a disease upon
life and must be made to perish if life is to continue”
– boyd rice from “apocalypse culture”

“there are only thee characteristics rewarded in modern man: stupidity,
irrationality and irresponibility”
– blanche barton from “the secret life of a satanism”

“emotional numbling, m-ss addictions, low self esteem, depression,
apathy, anomie – all the modern illness are symphtoms of the absurd and
tragic struggle to bridle instinct.”
– adam pacfrey from “apocalypse culture”

“mortality (like natural law and natural rights which are specific
examples of moral ideas) is a myth invented to promote the interests
desires/purporses of the inventors.”
mortality is a device for controlling the gullible with words.”
– l.u.rollins

“the gods are dead. let us dance on their graves”
– michael rose

“fancy playing to a god who was nailed to a wooden cross, who locked up
his brides in a convent… poor little virgins masturbating in the dark,
and then in penancwe for their sins indulging in flagellation till their
bodies wept tears of blood. captive virgins in the hands of impotent god.”
– from liar of the white worm

“the body of dead enemy always smells good.”
– charles j.f.

“our logic is at fault if we ignore the fact that right is founded on
brute force and even today needs violence to mountain it.”
– sigmund freud