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lirik lagu 155 freestyle – dialup militia


aol seems old school, but f*ck it, man, the beat’s hot!

[verse: aol & youn9warrior (samples)]
b*tch i feel like osno1 and sh*t
if he wanna talk about, greet him with a hunnid clip (back once again)
dialup the clique, motherf*cker we be running sh*t
i k!ll little rappers for the f*ck of it
b*tch (jump!)
money make a fiend, know i pulled up on the scene
number 9 machine, i got hearts and yes they bleed (back once again)
she wanna be friends, she don’t know i don’t got no friends
asking if i’m good, b*tch, i’m sayin’ it depends
i’m the sh*t like lil wayne bars
you look like you shoppin’ at a k*mart
all of my opponents bankrupt, like the shopko on the north side
like to keep it abstract like a rothko
you can take my word, we can take a third
fall in love with life (back once again)
i just died, i did it twice
sh*t ain’t nothin’ nice, while i’m sippin’ on this ice
while i’m grippin’ on this mic (grah!)

[outro: youn9warrior]
i don’t wanna fight (you’ve got mail!)