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lirik lagu shrines in the trap – diamondsonmydick


[verse 1: diamondsonmyd*ck]
highway to h*ll, come and float on the gas
pretty boy swag, tiny jeans, no shirt with the mask
b*tch might have covid so i’m f*ckin’ with the mask
[?] vampire gang, drinking blood out a glass
christian dior, [?]
i’m f*ckin’ they b*tches that’s why they so mad
i pull up in two*door, ain’t no room for [?]
you know i’m [?]
hop out with twin macs
i’m smoking on za, i’m smoking opp pack
until my lungs black
they ride with my drip
i got it on [?]
i bite that b*tch neck, ain’t no coming back
hop out the [?], on my arms just like i’m
she wet like a faucet, [?] i got them racks
[verse 2: lil kawaii]
i just spent five hundred just for some black paint
i did the dash in the f*ckin’ scat pack
girl is a treesh, she a f*ckin’ gnat*gnat
got a .9 when i walk ’cause i got a lil’ bag
yeah, me and them hundreds attached
i walk in the store, i don’t know what to pick
yeah, i’m in her mouth like a xan
i’m pouring the blood up, i’m pouring the tris

[verse 3: diamondsonmyd*ck]
[?], i got blood in my [?]
yeah, and i got the bl!ck in that b*tch
these n*ggas so [?], i [?] so fast
your b*tch said you [?], you my [?]

[verse 4: lil kawaii]
i came in the b*tch with your b*tch
i’m slimy, i’m screaming out, “slatt”
i walk in the b*tch with a mac
i’m od, my pockets is fat
the hundred round drum turn him to a dancer
big*ass [?], you can see him prance
we not the same [?] in the print
the knock on my hip, your b*tch in my lap
[verse 5: diamondsonmyd*ck]
i’m on her tongue just like lsd stamp
pretty boy demon, i got shrines in this trap
pretty boy demon, [?]
[?] when i hop out the [?]
i’m k!lling these n*ggas, [?]
[?], f*ck your b*tch, pull her hat
[?] then i turn to a [?]
[?], i just pulled up with [?]
just tell me, know where they at, yeah
i’m smoking on gas
i’m with a shooter, dread head, mad max
pretty boy demon, your b*tch get heart attack

[verse 6: lil kawaii]
i’m spinning that block and i’m spinning they head
i’m riding around, i got one in the head
that boy can get popped like a percocet
these b*tches so pressed, yeah, they tryna impress
they ain’t go up, he don’t really want that
got shooters, gon’ pop out that minivan
that boy, he a simp, he a minute man
i walk around neiman, they know my name
i gave ’em wings, they ain’t sippin’ no red*red
i take his b*tch, yeah, she told me to bend it back
number (n)ine jeans, i got number (n)ine denim
i hop out the [?], yeah, i hop in the sprinter
[verse 7: diamondsonmyd*ck]
ooh, pretty boy demon, i don’t got no feelings
highway to h*ll, i just [?]
pretty boy vamp, they stay taking your women
bite that b*tch neck, now i [?]
number (n)ine jeans, she [?]
pills in the trap, [?]
my b*tches so slimey, my b*tches real [?]