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lirik lagu 1/12 – didymus


[verse 1]
hairier than a rabbit
scarier is my rap spit
you are really religious
you should relinquish you’re relics
got me grindin’ like coffee
maybe whip it to cali
distracting the m-sses
while attacking the mastes
and neglecting they masters
maybe i don’t know no what to do
i know should make me uncomfortable
comedy, my spectacle
do he? like a decimal
skeptical. skip the school
hop skip and jump up out the room
forget the gist, but like the tune

[verse 2]
back to the madness
don’t disappoint like
the phantom menace
they say i’m too much
i am the boss
you should treat me as such
micheal scott
beats is hot
rhymes are fire
i can’t do this?
the devil’s a liar
who just scored?
behind 4
no patiences
for limitations
just rules
and exceptions
new year
old me
i’m better than
when i gave you
that 52
now it’s 1/12
coming in stealth
this is
for the misfits
with didymus
did ya miss