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lirik lagu the glow inside the shell – diĝir gidim


like the crescent h-rn it awakes the hordes
my creed draws her eyes
ishtar, goddess of war and love
i’m born again from euphrates water
i’m rising
i thought there was the sun awaiting my awakening
but it’s the caress of the stars to welcome me
where planets disappear and reappear in a blink
has the moment finally come?
the beam from the eye is penetrating into my flesh
but now i’m soul, light
and darkness
i see myself far away and myself sees me close
we kiss our heads and faces in a quiet bow
behind me there are only sand and darkness
deep darkness
ziggurat lies at my feet, its walls feel warm
my touch is cold
the frost nations call my name
my name speaks to nations
stopping time i will reshape their destiny
one by one
therefore don’t look for me in vain
not elsewhere
but everywhere
i’m not here
i’m the here
depth is endless
a persuasive vanquisher
is the fear of pain that made man hesitate
anguish, mixed with horror, is raising rarefied
from the glare of salvation
anzù is the monarch now and forever