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lirik lagu 01 till infinity ii (intro) reprod. yearbeatz 1 (snippet) – diiirty dann


[verse 1: diiirty dann]
i been rapping for while
with the talent
i’m spitting like d-mn dragon
people asking what’s happening
they didn’t even know this kid had it in him
i did mixtape with the bro dayze from high school
till infinity
i thought we was gone keep the legacy
diiirty & dayze we gotta do it again
i’m feeling like ten
i’m about to grab the pen
i’m ain’t trying to be no minutemen
i’m trying to a entrepreneur like businessmen
on some bruce wayne sh-t
cause man i struggled so much in my d-mn life
but i finally found a girl i could make my wife
my love life is settle down
but the money and the stress
that got me f-cked up
like some purp in my cup
you know how that go
i’m about to blow
i’m the d triple i rt da double nn
that’s diiirty dann

[verse 2: diiirty dann]
(coming soon)