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lirik lagu bitethecurbbitethecurb – dillinger four


just when i thought my work was done
you had to go and pull it
just when you thought your luck had one
i got another bullet
my hands are tired but i’ve got strength to fire
and every time i watch the t.v. new
i sharpen my sword
and every time i’m watching videos
the list grows some more
but i’ve got so many things to do
i’ll light the spark take this world from the dark
each laugh is another bruise
each remark is another noose
i’m getting p-ssed now and you made the list
think of all the ceo’s that fortune smiled upon
500 little maggos make the list a bit too long
in my mind i know all things in good time
time has come and i don’t know exactly where to start
i’ve got so many names but then you’re such an easy mark
when sundown comes the list will shrink one by one
i’ll lay a fart, tear this whole world apart…