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lirik lagu 75 – dim lewko


[only verse]
seventy five
seventy five now
seventy shots
hoes trynna ride out
i ain’t trynna hide no more
i ain’t trynna hide no more
lewko is burning the house again
tout ce que je fais c’est juste moi
i need a blow blow blow
je le mérite
money come back like my exes
pousse*toi de là
pousse*toi de là
je le crois pas !
where were you when i was nonе
i’ve been in my world
yeah, look i’m a star
i can’t give up
thеy can’t control none
i can’t give up
je suis le genre à aller jusqu’au bout
qui peut me ?
qui peut me stopper ?
let the real speak
go home
you know i’m not a joke
back when i was broke
now i fly with my bros
now i fly with my mom
i can’t disappear
j’ai rien fait de faux
don’t treat me like i’m gone
tu sais
c’est pas une blague
i don’t pick up
non non
they always mad
i’m not a motherf*cking joke
i need to protect myself
bébé je suis tellement près du edge
i’ve been all alone for days
for a life time
je pleure même pas quand la vie est hard
all i need is time (nuage)
if i die tonight
did i make it out ? (nuage)
this sh*t is on my mind
this sh*t is on my mind
let me out
i’m in and out
i’m standing out
watch your mouth
i’m in the house
et maintenant ouais
ouais je suis lancé
i lead with the word goodbye
we swore goodbye
i’m better on the other side
‘cause i’m burning up on you
burning up from you
you sabotage that truth

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