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lirik lagu red roulette – dirty dishes


[verse 1]
tom pens me a pink letter
says please can you lend me some red roulette
he knows i’m bendin’ over backwards
but cried please, my lips are chapped without it

but now you’re really gone and
you’re not gonna ever come around

[verse 2]
tom says he’ll tour the whole world
and yeah he’s gonna leave his girl behind
he’s gonna pack tomorrow
he’ll really pack tomorrow this time

and soon he will be gone
he will be forever gone, yeah


[verse 3]
go down to san diego
picks up a parting gift to seal the deal
he hides it in the front room
nerves eager to remove her veil

but now you’re really gone
you’ll be forever gone

[outro: x4]
say that none of this is really so
please tell me none of this is really so