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lirik lagu from the 100th floor – discover america


from way up on the 100th floor
the people look like nothing more than ants just b-mping into one another.
if you grew up way too slow in a small town under snow
then you get a little nervous around people that you never met.
i watch the players play their parts with eager wanting hearts.
such an impressive cast of cunning improvisers.
mister director tell me what’s my cue.
forgot my lines and what to do.
i’d be happy with some tape to stand on
but no one bothered teaching me any songs.
so i stand here in the corner just humming along.
welcome to my little bubble.
don’t want to cause no trouble.
don’t want no complications.
not fond of confrontations.
welcome to my little bubble.
i’m going to share it with ya.
i’m going to take your picture.
i’m going to put it in my wallet.