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lirik lagu 5 fingers of death – dizzee rascal


[verse 1]
getting this cabbage
rip up and ravage
make it a habit for damage
whole lotta baggage
you will not manage, i’m the full package
why do they talk like i am not established?
that is so callous, they are the saddest
why are they so full of malice?
making up fallacies
i’m in my palace blazing up the chalice with alice
’cause i’m a gyalist and i’m the baddest
it’s not a travesty
call me “your majesty”
sometimes it feels like the world’s on my phallus
push out my chest and i big up my status
where’s all the trappers?
where’s all the clappers?
i am not shaken, no need for maracas
or apparatus
put in the work and spend money on motors and slappers

[verse 2]
moving nippy
taking the micky
and i get trippy
and i’m reckless letting loose in the city
don’t get lippy
don’t get witty
it’ll get sticky
have your people saying “oh what a pity”
call a committee
it’ll get sh-tty
won’t be pretty
nuttin’ ain’t bitty
i’m not a kitty
you don’t wanna see me hit it with the nitty gritty
don’t be silly
you don’t wanna see me get cold and chilly
bold as billy
bold as br-ss
broken gl-ss
pain in the -ss
legs in the cast
left in the past
left in the marsh
that’ll be harsh
snake in the gr-ss
pull off the mask
now you’re on blast
don’t be daft
why you looking at me like you don’t know what to ask?
like you never knew i’m in a whole ‘nother cl-ss
like what the ras’
making it last
eat mcs

[verse 3]
breaking a fast
cuttin’ them carbs
working them calves
wearing this ting i’m fit for the task
it’s not a fast
wrist on charge
fully on barge
havin’ it large
it’s no mirage
lit up the darker
move like a shark
i’m quick off the mark
pull off the heart
i pull up and park
roll up a spark
with full disregard
fully in charge
keep up your guard
i guarantee-

[verse 4]
don’t pet or pander
leave em’ hanging
i’ll be d-mned, man to man
hit em’ with the overhand
release the anger
worldstar, you can dealt with on camera
understand my grammar
i don’t stutter, lisp, or stammer
watch me blaze the beat
i must admit, it hits just like a hammer
it’s a banger for the mandem on the street, in the slammer
bang your doors, bang your doors
for the cause
breaking laws
breaking jaws
open paws
taking scores
and be sure
never let a bredda get one over yours
never put money over wh-r-s
maybe or
it’s crazy flawed
it’s a myth
life’s a gift
made me pause
catch my drift
smoke a spliff
and get in a draw

[verse 5]
paid the cost to be the boss
ball and floss
jesus cros-

on my way to the ritz
on my wrist is glistenin’
hublot whistlin’
i ain’t even listenin’
spare me the fiction
i’m not a victim
swear i been twisting
with a lil mixting [?]
pretty lil t-ts
she’s a lil vixen
pivot on the shifting
little bit of friction
no resistance
testin’ the pistons
and i’m on a mission
lemon in my system
bit of an addiction
but it’s upliftin’
yeah she love me-
hold tight [?]
shoulda been around for my godson’s christenin’
but i was distant
had a premonition
i was reminiscin’
look at all the sh-t we was riskin’
back then when we never had a pot to p-ss in
so full of mischief
now it’s all different
brothas on my timeline tryna act ign’ant
and it’s all instant
i’m not an infant
now i got a fly saint vincent
and i’m insistent
’cause i can’t think
hangin’ on the brink
better call my -ssistant
handle my business
b-tches on my case ’cause i’m inconsistent

[verse 6]
hit them with a jeet kun do energy
lyrical tank
lyrical pedigree
b-st-rd or wee on girl emily
eey y’all did they wanna try copy we?
hit them jeet kun do energy
lyrical tank
lyrical pedigree
dizzee rascal from bow e3
inside out
dizzee flow
boy wile out
six foot deep
never climb out
knock a boy inside
knock a boy out
front back outside in
barefoot kids sipping on ginseng
doggy styling
in the dark park in the dark evening
weights in the gym
gl-ss full of alizé, right to the brim
roll deep, so deep, they can’t swim
doin’ it for keisha, doin’ it for kim