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lirik lagu paranoid – dizzee rascal


rinse me out, use me up, cuss me down, f-ck me up
rinse me out, use me up, cuss me down, f-ck me up
they wanna rinse me out, use me up, cuss me down, f-ck me up
rinse me out, use me up, cuss me down, f-ck me up

[verse 1:]
sometimes when i’m on my own
and there ain’t no one around i feel all alone
laying in my bed i’m a nervous wreck
and i wind myself up until i’m vexed
keep telling myself they’re out to get me
and i ain’t sure who, so i make it up
come to my own conclusions i’m crazy
start thinking up all kinds of stuff
like, f-ck my girl, i know she cheating
that golddigger b-tch just thieving
act like i don’t care but i’m grieving
start switching up for no reason
told myself i ain’t got no friends
f-ck my people, f-ck my ends
no rational thought, i’m low
i’m paranoid, all i know is they wanna


[verse 2:]
and then i think about beef
over the years i’ve had so much grief
whole lot of drama in and out of east
won’t let anyone take me for a chief
and mans say they got my back
but it’s really all just chat
cause when it all gets on top
they leave me alone to scr-p
and i went to the ends, heard whispers
old friends chatting bout kidnapping
now they hurt my pride and ego
i don’t care about rap, im strapping
but the olders told me ignore it
cause i really ain’t got time for it
and the ghetto, i already saw it
i’m in the world now, i gotta explore it
i can’t let ’em


[verse 3:]
no guts, no glory, no get, no gain
no love, no pain, i’m going insane
it’s all too much for the brain
i’m so paranoid, i feel strange
and it’s so long-range
been too long, i gotta make some change
f-ck the world, i’d rather take some blame
or i could just buy a platinum chain
diamond rings and and other shiny things
maybe the bling’ll help me maintain
or at least that it help to explain
what’s my path, am i in the right lane?
why i feel so left out in the rain?
why’s it hard, it should be simple and plain
all i see when i’m in this game

everybody wanna