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watermelon - dj dax lyrics


got that “watermelon, silly”
y’all won’t be here tomorrow, no, not really
puff it, don’t pass, it got me giddy
i’m up, you lames won’t last *last

verse 1:
smoke that sh*t that johnny tested, all your strains are not impressive
jay or two, i got that pressure, your bae’s removed, she’s not invested
listen… you can’t change the truth, smoke that sh*t that gave babe a roof
backwoods like bats, ain’t laced, they boof, that’s old p*ssy: saber tooth, my

boy’s got a k with lasers too, pack in the mail: three days or two
thinking you got it, you’re way confused, still sonning you n*ggas, now pay some dues
my person of interest loves asian foods, got taste in shoes, peak playlist moves, so
pretty when mad but they stay enthused, and no matter the time or the day, they still serving

face, delete your drafts, it’s an urgent case, beneath the mask is a person’s
place, these tees ain’t raf, no hermes placement, my crush might crash in the top down
sp*ce ship, i might crash (ah) i might crash (ah) if i’m driving this time ’cause i can’t stop
facing ’em, i’ve been feeling silly, ugh ugh, i’ve been elite*lite*lite*lite

i’m feeling geeked, i’m out my barrel, n*gga, i’m tweek’d, ugh
ugh, feeling the breeze, ugh ugh, leave your home in debris, ugh
ah, dox your name on apparel, i’ll leave your face right on a tee, ah
ah, dj dax going feral, mmm, que pare pero no quiero, ah
smoke that sh*t that made ted talk, rings on hand, it’s fashion wedlock
spiked the herb, i’m burning chesnaught, t*t*t*talked your sh*t, but it went opposite, lofty
promises and sh*t, i guess not, still smoking that sh*t that the beabadoo, your
boyfriend’s a lame in adidas boosts, that’s a two tone glock when i need to shoot, yeah

right, right, thought i needed you, yeah, right, i’mma stay silly, i’mma stay
silly * like we agreed to do, the reverend of “seven”, i need the “two”
whip too fast, no key to move
i put that sh*t on like i’m on beetlejuice

i’m sending you texts: do you read ’em through?
swear these n*ggas ain’t sh*t, can’t read the room
still don’t like how he treated you
give me a shot and i’ll breathe the truth

i’m a pretty boy on my p’s and q’s
inner circle sh*tting on whatever, always better when the team is fyooch
baby, just say that sh*t and they’ll be removed (there ain’t nothing hard about it)
i mean, i know what it means to you

passenger prince, black window tints, dax on the mix: ease of use
and all these heart reacts mean “please come through”
without my angeltype, what would i do?
and i know why it’s silly: archr go kinda stu*

got that “watermelon, silly”
y’all won’t be here tomorrow, no, not really
puff it, don’t pass, it got me giddy
i’m up, you lames won’t last *last

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