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lirik lagu 2020 rap – dj douggpound


who needs two popes? that’s not for me
foaming hand soap, shea b*tter and neem
i stabbed the voodoo doll, so when you scream, i can hear it
sometimes i’ll stare at a wall, or read the new free spirit

i scanned craigslist, i need a used xb
’cause i like to shine bright, makita lxt
i eat mad seeds from my big bag spitz
it’s new year’s eve, and i’ll be puttin’ on the ritz

if you want to feel nice, take a gander at clowns
beans and rice get spiced with coriander brow* ground
if you don’t like my face, you might need some heineken’s
i’m an acquired taste, like vegemite b vitamins
i might excite you like a stack of funny money
i hope no spiders bite you in the year 2020