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lirik lagu no time – dj mykael v


[dj mykael v]
god always
mykael v
i done wasted enough of my time
imma need that back

[ac: chorus]
time after time, i’ve been
wrong out of line, like i
don’t read the signs, i’m so
done with the lies, that’s why

i ain’t got no time
i ain’t got no time
i ain’t got no time
i ain’t got no time
i ain’t got no…

[verse 1: jon keith]
boy ain’t looking at the clock
stepped up in the game like rock
ball boy with the [?] can’t stop
let the dread on my head stay locked
always, no [?]
stay fly, no pilot
all beef, no diet
real g’s stay silent
i’m all for the mission and pray for the attention
because the best is what come up from complacency issues
and in the shows and [?] from the place they picking the tissues
they think and they cry and they laugh and they ain’t finna miss you
i been up like all night
working on the craft ’cause the suckas don’t ball right
dude he ’bout to swing ’cause we ain’t about to fall
i’m living on my knees ’cause i know i ain’t all, i
oh my god
never gon’ stop
[?] finna change my legal name to pops
y’all a bunch of birds, i ain’t even gotta fly
looking for the beef, find [?]
see it at the top, praise be to jah
i ain’t need a job, glory to god
milly with the rock, jordan with the hop
catch me at the boat 10:30 on the dot boy

[chorus: ac]

[verse 2: ruslan]
grown man how i’m moving with the [?]
y’all swine how y’all moving with the ops
self made how i be up in the [?]
stay paid, i don’t care about the props
praise god, changed ways
never been just about a pay day
glow up then it turn into a melee
coming down so they hollering out “mayday!”
yea, if you doing this for dollar signs, [?] out of line
yea, pay attention to the product line, people that’s modified
yea, eyes up on the bottom line before you are out of time
yea, out of body, moving me so out of mind
i can see through all that jealousy
can’t compare to all the pedigree
they saying it’s something but i’m seeing is jokes
they never wanting the smoke
they feeling it in their throat
only a matter of time we gonna see them all choke
unravel, the sun battles
the intimate folk
oh no, oh no we know they slaying their soul
they internet trolls, the intimate note
they feeling is go

[chorus: ac]