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lirik lagu end of the beginning – dm primary


lu on production
big up jaykae
lets go

[verse 1]

its coming to an end
the end of the beginning
the beginning of the end
“start forgiving.”
thats what everybody said
new year, new you
while im laying in bed
someones dead
what a sh-t year
the end is near
part of me wants to jump off southend pier
while some innocent kid’s being called queer
you sat drinking a beer
dont even start on my ex girl
7 months down the drain
7 months of not given a f-ck
started causing me pain
from now on if you want me you can start payin
because my man ain’t playin no more
trust me i ain’t f-cking with some “innocent” wh0r-
f-ck that
forget that
forget going back
its the end
the end of the beginning
the middle is near
i dont give a sh-t anymore
its the not worth the fight anymore
put down your guard because im finished


it doesnt matter how long it takes
the end of the beginning is what your waiting for
the next year is what will make you
but how long for


[verse 2]

now im getting mad
now im angry
out on new years eve, thinking your bad
putting your lightwight -ss on your story
come on thats just sad
but im f-cking p-ssed
im f-cking down with the world
d-mn right everyone heard
everyone hears me now
but no matter how loud you shout
no one will hear you now
its the beginning of the end
im telling you its on the horizon
im sorry but that sorry message just won’t send
that relationship just won’t end
people are too easy to offend
and thats why im f-cked with the world
because i was the guy that hold her to it go
but she just wanted to let it grow
from day one i knew the end was near
but when my man picked me off the ground
its was like a new beginning
the beginning of the end
the end of the previous beginning
new options kept and kept appearing
until there was too many things to choose
overwhelmed in stress i snapped
but i let go…
i dropped all my stress
and trust i thought it was the end of my world
all i needed was to be held
in the dark on my own is a bad place to be
but i can’t help it if theres nothing to see
i wanna be in a world of ecstasy
but the rule of life is quite simple
start every beginning as a new one
and when that thing is getting you down
just look for the end of the beginning