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lirik lagu slap ya self – dna tru lyricist & micsteam


[verse 1: dna tru lyricist]
you better slap yourself, wake up * it’s true g sh*t
the dna tru lyricist & micsteam sh*t
can’t n0body f*ck with me, i’m like kano
with dual daggers and a [?]
i’ma roll up like a wrecking ball, split your street up
believe me, you’re gonna have to give 911 a second call
’cause i’ve yet to get vicious (i’ve yet)
yeah, i’ve yet to drown your b*tch in a sink of dirty dishes
this suffice a verse i spit on your grave, sh*t
your b*tch gets tied up, her cl*t gets tazed and her tits get razorbladed
with a steel hook in her ass and still made to give me head like crazy
what you expect? this ripgutology * we don’t play, b*tch
so slap yourself, gonna ask for help? then ask for phelps
that’s david g phelps, believe me: when he yells out my name, i’ma be there
i’ll never be square, i’m just the square root of a megalodon tooth in your bare hoof
yeah, i know you got a bare foot * but ‘hoof’ rhymes better
yeah, and i just did that to show your ass who rhymes better
it’s the lyrical unorthodox sick mind shredder
i use your spine as a cane and wear your face like leather
i’m just an old soul, eating cereal with no bowl
drinking milk with no glass and vaulting with no pole
lifting with no bar, sh*tting with no toilet
no tenfold, but nah, i still didn’t spoil it
i kept it fresh, fresh to death a matching belt
you’ll never take my belt, you think you can? b*tch, slap yourself
[interlude: dna tru lyricist]
hahahaha, tell ’em, man
you think you can? b*tch, you better slap yourself
haha, one more time for your mind * b*tch, you better slap yourself
still don’t think they get me
slap yourself

[verse 2: micsteam]
place full of whelps, micsteam make you slap yourself
we so outer sp*ce, asteroid belt
we put you in the oven and make yo’ ass melt
what you thinking? we be slipping, we be creeping every weekend
better slap yourself because the way i rip is more than decent
when you mention my name, it better not be bullsh*t
’cause i [?] quick, i will make you slap yourself
you gon’ need a call for help if you f*cking with wilson and phelps
i know thyself, i hold thyself to a different standard
go and slap yourself because you need to learn some manners
speaking ill on my name, get you burned by some flames
better turn out my lane or you’ll get slapped harder than the tracks slap
stupid dummy, this is ripgut for them dummies
human flesh up in my tummy, got a pistol * keep it from me
if you try to do me scummy, i’ma pistol*slap you dummies