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lirik lagu 1 – do not use in empty fields


[verse 1: x]

this the introduction of the pharaohs, let’s attack it
steady treadin water but y’all switching up like f*cking f*ggots
we keep em coming like it’s fully automatic
and i swear to god i’m smoking all these mothaf*ckas like an addict
i don’t give a f*ck about ya lil feelings
wanna act all goodie i’m content with being called a villain
like i iced up, i’m just chillin
highest in the room catch me crawlin on the ceilin
dump the clutch hit the gas got the wheels spinning
2 12’s in the trunk they just real twinnin
ipa’s in the glass, steady pint sippin
bouta end the game like it’s the bottom of the 9th inning
i ain’t ever sugar coat sh*t
it’s x dawg, who else would’ve spoke this??
no time for ya silly ass games
sh*t, forgot your silly ass name

[verse 2: fashody]

illuminati illuminate maserati
that 2 door with heavy body
i pull up to hotel lobby and vroom vroom on thotties
i’m mobbin like john gotti
i’m hotter than that wasabi
hold up
sophisticated ignorance write my verses in cursive
pull up on these b*tches and lay day bodies in he*rs*s
preaching to the choir preach my message in my verses
the new age of rap making rappers feeling worthless
mumble rapping b*tches racing steady for that last place
bunch a hood rats chasing cheese that’s a rat race
come to finish line fill your body with a ak
47 shots to your skull i do not placate
its a cole world put a jacket on sonny
i keep yo b*tch warm keep her right under my tummy
kick her to the curb she beelinin to the honey
racin for your will that’s a run for yo money

[verse 3: x]

x so far ahead, are we really in the same game
i’m bouta go bananas, forget the ak
lemme go ahead and put on that blank face
before i come and check yo ass like it’s payday
it’s x, i think he’s on that sh*t again
watch this fireball, no cinnamon
roster full of thots, can’t get rid of em
all gettin that d like michigan
nasty b*tches catchin sh*t just like odell
reppin 6 6 6, that’s the motel
afraid of bread like you on keto
my sh*t flamin hot, hot cheetos
x making beats again, ah sh*t
imma make a stand, while you all sit
i don’t come with an off switch
you know i got more concentration than auschwitz

[verse 4: fashody]

fashody in the building rapping make your brain slower
pharaohs comin with that heat we bringing flame throwers
grinch kobe’s on my feet mean shooting hoops
x and fashody on the track that’s an alley oop
tearing down institutions for retribution
decapitate the head of a snake call that a solution
air it on prime time my state of the union
i’m preaching my message to you b*tches that’s communion
healing the world hospitals running out of patience
body bags to sp*ce ships straight to ur*n*s
k!ll or be k!lled that’s my message in a bottle
always stay strapped not a message that’s my motto
kidnapped by the game i got that stockholm
never leave the court no judge can send me home
stay true to my colors i shine like rainbow
i am not a h0m*phobe but please no h0m*