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shag - dog day sunrise lyrics


devil’s whip is a lawn chair
i just can’t wait to get out of here
kiss the pain as if i care
you know the place inside where nothing grows

electrobuzz generator set on high
rocket man blasting in the sky
megachug blowing in my ear
bazooka clutch vicious dripped with fear

the apocalypse motorway sh*gged me out
no odyssey holocaust

climax power tripping we’re sh*ggin out
groove in demolition without a doubt
warped twisted atomic style of love
suicide we’ll thrust and drive we’ll push and shove

the apocalypse motorway sh*ggеd me out
no odyssey holocaust

i said the fast strugglе we ride
the pusher becomes the squeeze and it’ll never end
a tail broke between its’ legs
i said they’ll never, never found again
neptune driver stuck in low
mudflap garter mourn and glow
flapping coalition disappeared
blackhole scorpio concrete feared

we’re sh*ggin out
we’re sh*ggin out
we’re sh*ggin out

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