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lirik lagu 1-800-fortheslab – dom (for the slab)


b*tch don’t ever get too comfortable
pull the rug from under
if ya f*ckin with a playa never see the sun i promise you
them stones on the selenite
charging while i roll another aura not comparable
b*tch ya feelin pitiful
ain’t real with yourself
energy leaches i can’t f*ck withcu
i stay as far away as i can
keep it playa as possible
i’m smokin big k!lla in them caddies
boutta cash out
hit the liquor sto
sip them 40’s till im assed out
see baby bout her bidness
she my dentist till i crash out
diggin out them guts
with my tongue then i mash out
ready to make the change
sacrifice to see what pans out
i do what i gotta do
to get my own ya got ya hand out

my presence is a present
pimp slap ya to the past now
don’t think because i’ll roll ya up a blunt
that i won’t spazz out
young italiano
breakin b*tches
talkin trash
on this pimpin hoes scared
i’m usually calm they got me mad now

blowin up the line
sorry dom
need on more chance
how the f*ck i’m spose ta trust ya
if ya quick to drop them pants
caught my baby tryna play me
had to drop her on her ass
for the slab
on the map now

ya hoe