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lirik lagu 12:12 – dom (for the slab)


s.i.c, round the clock
for the slab, round the globe
if i come collect my scrilla & you low collect ya soul
meet dis ice cold pimpin’ tryna play me like a hoe
rain sleet snow, west coast do the most
talkin’ unsweetened pimpin’, 3 wheeling out the driveway
baby poe my cup ’til i’m sw*ngin sittin’ sideways
moon hit the leather now i’m sailin’ down the highway
snake skin stacey’s, gold cuffs with the high fade
they ask about the flow, couldn’t get ahold of stone
beeper still pagin’ still get the dial tone
12:12 on the dot
drop the top
light the dope
it’s for the slab in this hoe, but baby should already know
b*tch it’s time to go