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lirik lagu 420-666-1001 – dom lalama


check that, you have to call them up and be like
hey did you get my fax?
you faxed something today?
oh my god, what is this 83′ ?
what is this 97′ ?

common dreams, we have them all night
constant waking up to sunlight
what if, what if, what if, don’t trip
f-ck on, f-ck off
hey live, who really gives a sh-t

hey over here, i have trouble breathing
too many men, they’re mentioning seasons
women walk off like mosquitos feeding upon the guys that talk

why don’t you learn to steer?
clear of fear
crystal clear
don’t interfere

oh my dear
concise as a coma
the cosmic aroma of giving a back rub

back to the lyrical tub
to sing, to f-ck
cash the check for half or a dub
how about half of a dub?
do you care? i got the number

but i’m not used the positions your into
run to the phone booth tell me to come thru

(through the pin, down the hole, on a plane no self control)

searching for glory?
you have a laboratory?
go on tell me a story
(die you motherf-cker)


two packs for twenty
three stacks of sixes
one thousand men and one lonely witness

this is me p-ssed
no sh-t b-tches
hanging out the window drunk by my d-ck tip

fall onto the hood of a car
start rolling down the block, made it pretty far
thats what it all means to fall

if you need to hear it again
just give me a call

you know, from the famous uhh
the judo kid
the famous know play of 1780 twelve..
nope dude, kissing plasma underwater