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lirik lagu angel dark – domination black


shiny eyes and little anxious minds
everything is set, they’re dressed to thrill
burning candles, turn off the lights
fear fades before the human will

could not expect what is to come
could not see who’s the evil one
drowning deeper into the darkest night
sitting in silence, minds are going blind

intruding their minds
the darkest power binds them into the
veils of the d-mned and those who died
in vain while seeking for the signs

angel dark, release their minds
or they won’t ever see the light


falling into the darkest place
hollow eyes stare from the lifeless face
walking through the shades into the night
never they’d be coming back in life

look at them, quietly waiting for
enlightenment but what’s beyond the door
what was opened, cannot be closed again
there in the dark awaits the final pain

minds once bright fall into the depths
eternal prison, no hope among the dead
drowning deeper into the darkest night
empty sh-lls of beauty left in blight