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lirik lagu new recipe (feat. terror reid) – domsta


i’m in the cemetary
posted with my folk
she ain’t sayin’ sh*t
she just talkin’ to a ghost
we be cleanin’ clocks
selling souls for the low
drive by bussin’ hollow shots
at your windows
i’m comin’ for that throat
i’m comin’ for your pockets
gucci bag what i tote
b*tches callin’ me toxic
that hot sh*t be knockin’
continental rocking
ain’t stoppin’ this
we in the slab
boutta flip the switch
i’m ghost

dodgin’ the fake
no time to waste
i’m already three four thoughts ahead
servin’ the karma
can’t escape this motherf*ckin’ infrared
plenty to fill they plate
but still they hate to see me get ahead
trynna summon a playa
b*tch i rather go get paid instead
hoppin’ up in this seventy three
but first shake off them jimmy c’s
flea from the scene
the smoke from vogues
gon’ shroud a playa down the street
servin’ the fiens
it seems they can’t get enough
of this new recipe
crumbs to bricks
charge a fee
just to roll the sleeve

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