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lirik lagu 18th june – don tsina young


june 18th
i dedicate this song to riny nhyira
h-llo michael this is ur daddy, and am talking
i know is been years but d-mn u got to listen
i left u when u was eleven the time u need me most
it ain’t my fault, my apologies, i regret it
where ur mum at, i made her a widow at the wrong time
i know my dissapearance got u feeling pains
but that’s life for u, everybody got to die
i miss u a lot of times, lot of times lot of days
i seen u in your 20s and life u going through
u think soo much, my absence been k!lling u
if i was alive i knew all this faces will be smiling
how is life, are u schooling or u working
what ever u up to make sure u do it the hardest
and remember never put your all in your friends
my death was a set up and most friends were involved
don’t worry soo much bout u seeing me
am out of flesh clear up ur pina and listen
i hated advice and that was part of my failure
and i hated going to church at the time i could worship
lying on ma sick bed was the time i was thankful
drinking with friends, womanizing wasn’t faithful
hope u never try repeating my mistakes
put ur faith in god, long as u got breath
be thankful and stay humble
never trust no body
to be alone is better than bad friends
get close to your fam cos that’s where u came from
fight for your dreams, anything that made u smile
u are a dark child, they will soon be proud of u
n never ever let anybody look down on u
u diff in your own way soo try to be u
be nice to everybody show love tho its hurts
i did lot of good but never end me well
all this boys ain’t grateful but try doing your best
i know is father’s day wipe ur tears and make me some wish
see u later and hope u have a great day
tell ur mum daddy was here today

is all about the introduction to dark child child glows the world mehn
u know what am saying
i wrote this on fathers day
i wrote this song, june 18th
i wrote it the same day
rehe-rs-d the same day
recorded the same day
i dedicate this to riny nhyira
she understands
don tsina young
big brain “n-gg-
3rd music