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lirik lagu 28 killas (intro) – double iz


[verse 1: double iz]
bare kids been giving me verbal
these kids that chat with the opps, say they ain’t involved but they wanna give bird calls
when i step on the block , they dash, them man athletes, should have done hurdles
i was with my k!lla k, with a dinger, mask up with intention to burgle
i gotta get bread to survive, i’ve picked up stuff with intent to supply
what you know bout eager, suck the crop early so you gotta wait till it’s dry
what do you know bout fever, k!lla in a car, tell him bang it while they’re holding a vibes
and them man come like bieber, ain’t tryna hear a sorry when the opps held hostage
and how many times have we stepped on a block, had no intention to ride?
you can come to the 28 this is real life mazza, you ain’t gotta watch on my block
and them man beat off blanks, hashtag everyones world
and you ain’t gotta be no tramp; work, do ethics, stains or grime
tell my young boy step on the gas if you must, and you know he haffi burn that bridge
what you know bout opps backing waps, not sure if it’s real so you tell him to give it a ring
like what the opp boys know abut the lin kuei ting
they like the way that i rap, said the flow mad cause your ting set differently
what you know bout wanting to grind but bro wanna ride and he’s asking persistently
and how many times have we stepped them sides, done showed them consistency
that boy got cheffed, weren’t me, weren’t 28, they watching suspiciously
they know i wear this mask because i dont want publicity
if your bro got wooshed dont come to us cah you won’t get no sympathy
i won’t let him explain, just do him cause he’ll just lie convincingly
and my man’s on with his guys but what is he on specifically
and them man step cause they’re told to when i’m riding it’s willingly
man done cars and moped glides, if it fleas i’ll grab that pedals
like the opp boys dont know anything about levels
all they do is cut through the ends and use dodgy whips, and leave with mashed down rentals
like look at him he got splashed with water from the kettle
more time i got mine so if i see ’em punks, no i ain’t tryna wrestle