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lirik lagu 4 my niggaz – dougie d


[hook x2]
even though i feel like, i feel inside
this for my mo’f-cking n-gg-z, and i hope that y’all hear me this time
even though i feel like, i feel inside
this for my mo’f-cking n-gg-z, i’ma love y’all till the day i die

[dougie d]
remember, when i let you out of i
and then i asked you kin folk, do you think i would hear you in your reply
was some sh-t about, you don’t know if i
but some sh-t like, you ain’t show exactly what’s on my mind
that was worst, then spitting in my face
you should of took a pistol and c-cked it, and shot me in my f-cking face
after all the years, that’s what you would think
in front of the click and the family, my n-gg- that’s what you would say
you f-cker, you brought f-cking tears to my f-cking eyes
although i thought to myself, never let a n-gg- make me cry
you was my n-gg-, for whom i would ride
you was my n-gg- for whom i would c-ck a pistol, and go pop a mind
i ain’t gon lie, it f-cked me up inside
for me to believe that you would believe, that i would give you just some time
and even if, we never speak again
i still love you mo’f-cker, cause you was one of my closest friends

[hook x2]

[dougie d]
a lil’ emotional right now, touching on the subject
since everybody in crime, f-ck it dougie bust it
they wanna know the scoop and the issue, with doug and ro
since that’s his brother, why he ain’t on none of his alb-ms
look b-tch i got a 9 to 5, steady humping
while ro be in the studio 24, pushing pumping
on top of that, dougie got faces that i need to feed
so financial security, come from my j-o-b
stop it please, you people are killing me
ro you remember when you told me, you were proud of me
at the scarface video shoot, what you gon do with this
that was one of the happiest days, i could ever see
since you been on lock, it been f-cking with me
me and whodi ain’t been in touch, so i can’t get in for i need to see you
i don’t know, if i should give him a call
because the last time we spoke, he told me to leave him the f-ck alone

[hook x2]

[dougie d]
we went from being skinny n-gg-z, grimey on the grind
to being thifty n-gg-z, with figgas still on our grind
and i can remember it vividly, like yesterday
until i gotta spot the streets, the studio where i stayed
we was pumping the street, with the weed that we got from dean
you were looking better, but still struggling for the cheese
and now it’s 2000 and 4, and sh-t we all grown
let’s bite the bullsh-t in the -sshole, and i love y’all
they say the people close to your heart, will go tear you part
i was built to last, so i can withstand the pain apart
i pray to god, that he help us to be better men
and whatever path that we take, he got us by his hand
we came a long d-mn way, and boy the ride was rough
five years still pushing, keep the name up
and if i ever say it again, ‘fore i’m in the ground
i love you n-gg-z, that’s forever pimping hold it down

[hook x2]