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lirik lagu 9-lives – dougie


yeah, we still goin in man
savages man we f-ckin savages we out here
still playing still in the field, i’m still goin in n-gg-!
yeah, you already know the producer
on them keys them chords you already know bout all that
whatchu know about it, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

smokin but i’m still aimin for your head
i poke em out and swear to shoot until you dead
i keep on goin keep on goin til i’m dead
im blown on some tooka man thats straight head!
yeah, b-tch i’m leanin
still off this tooka tooka man i’m straight dreamin
these n-gg-s hatin, i’mma come thru shoot chicken bacon
yeah, i want em all dead
catch me in the streets with them straight leads
yeah, you heard what i said
im a savage and these n-gg-s want me f-ckin dead
still blowin this tooka hoe
im in this thing like a fan cuz we know we blowin
you know we blowin, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
im still the same guy, im in this thang like a cat i got 9-lives
and 3 wives, shoot yo -ss motha f-ckin 3 times
feline, you a feline, imma come thru with some porcupines
ill shoot ya! i’m goin in, aye, that is my kin
thats my brotha, you mothaf-cka
cuz you know i keep on going an u know i’m still stuntin
yeah, i f-ck anotha
they keep on goin back i say come on for anotha
yeah, its a cold summer, got mbeezy thats my f-ckin drummer
yeah, we packin lumber
straight aimin for yo f-ckin mother thunder
yeah, and i’m still high, i’m high up in the sky
i’m straight blowin, i’m straight goin
i’m with some mothaf-ckers and you know they toxin
you know we totin, you know we totin
bang bang!